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Turn One Donated Dollar into Many Through Reimbursable Grants

2023-12-21 3:15 PM | Anonymous

Over the end of this year and the beginning of the next, your donations to Cruces Creatives support

  • Operational support for all of Cruces Creatives’s charitable programs; and

  • Upfront funding for reimbursable grants, making it possible to bring many Federal dollars to Las Cruces for every private dollar received.

The power of upfront funding for reimbursable grants is that it lets Cruces Creatives apply for and secure Federal grants worth many times the value of the upfront funding, time and time again. Cruces Creatives’s educational programs through STEAMM Team and CommunityShare Las Cruces, as well as Cruces Creatives’s work in economic development and food security through a freeze drying partnership with Backyard Farms, LLC, are all significantly supported through Federal grants—and with more upfront funding, Cruces Creatives can apply for and accept more Federal awards to bring more services to greater Las Cruces, especially in education.

Almost all Federal grants operate on a reimbursement basis, which means they don’t pay upfront; instead, nonprofits doing work under Federal grants pay for 1-3 months of program expenses, then the Federal grant reimburses the nonprofit. With more upfront funding for reimbursable grants, Cruces Creatives will be able to apply for and accept more Federal grants to do more good—and then, when the reimbursement comes in, Cruces Creatives can repeat the process. Consequently, through the fund for reimbursable grants, each dollar you donate turns into many.

To contribute, please visit or contact Executive Director Lea Wise-Surguy at Thank you!

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